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With its simple drag and drop interface, you can build stunning websites with just a few clicks.

Get even more great content with Mr Site’s Widgets

Keep adding and adding! Mr Site’s website builder lets you include a huge range of features on your site. Widgets (extra pieces of content) – help bring your site to life. And there are loads to choose from

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Dot com website address included (e.g.

.com,, .net., .org, .info, .biz and more names are also available - and if you've already got a domain name, you can use that too

Stunning free templates

Created by leading web designers, select a stunning professional website design template and easily customise it to make it unique to you

A super easy drag and drop website builder

Easily drag and drop images, text, videos and more into your website, and arrange and rearrange content as your like

Mobile and tablet compatible

Your website will be responsive, which means that it will automatically adjust and resize to look great on a PC, tablet or mobile, essential for any modern website.

Google friendly

Your website comes with SEO tools especially designed to boost your websites position on search engines like Google

An online shop

Sell anything you like on your website, and be able to accept credit or debit cards safely and securely. Find out more about our shop features here

Gorgeous slideshows

Image slideshows bring a sense of movement and depth to your website which draws visitors in, as well as presenting your photos or products beautifully.

Photo galleries

Showcase your photographs and your products with gorgeous, state-of-the-art photo galleries that make images pop.


A demo of your product, an intro to your team or highlights of the latest team match – add videos to your website to entice visitors to find out more and stay on your site for longer.

Location Map

Add Google Maps to your website so that customers can see where your office or shop is based or where the event you are hosting is being held.


A blog is a great way to keep visitors to your website up to date with daily updates, presented in an easy to digest way. Readers can comment and like posts and you can respond. A regularly updated blog will really help your position on Google as well

Contact forms

Customers and potential clients can send you messages directly through your website, giving it a professional look and feel

Social media links

Everyone knows how important social media is these days – you can easily create attractive links to all your social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more

Twitter feed

Visitors can see your latest tweets on your website which is great for keeping your site content fresh and engaging

Personalised email addresses

Create professional email addresses with a Hotmail-style inbox. For example you could go for '' or ''

Music player

Embed Soundcloud into your website and allow site visitors to listen to your latest tunes

Downloadable documents

If you would like site visitors to be able to download documents such as menus, test papers or directions to your wedding, you can add these to your website


All the help you need along the way from real, friendly people, plus lots of videos you can watch for tips and tricks

Update anywhere

Update your site anywhere, at any time. All you need is an internet connection

Hosting included

Hosting is the space on the internet for your website and emails – Mr Site has it all in place for you

Everything in one place

Mr Site has taken care of everything you need to get your website online, so you can get on with running your business, writing your blog or creating your products. Mr Site gives you your site builder, your domain name, your hosting and your email all in one place


Having a good amount of bandwidth means that lots of people can visit your site without it crashing. Mr Site gives you all you need

Free updates

Mr Site is always updating and adding new templates and features meaning your website will always stay fresh and modern as you will get access to these automatically

Lots of pages

Whether you only want a few pages or a lot, we’ve got what you need

Lots of fun

Creating your website with Mr Site is so easy that you can relax and have fun with it - be as wild or conservative as you want or need to be

And more!

There is lots more to discover when you create your website with Mr Site. Give it a try now

Customisable templates and designs

With Mr Site, your new website comes ready-made thanks to our great range of templates. They’re built by leading web designers – so you get a professional-looking website as soon as you get started!

Once you’ve found a layout to get you started, change it however you like. Add your own colour scheme, mould the layout, add or remove things – and more. You can do almost anything in just one click with our easy-to-use website builder.

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Gorgeous templates

We enlisted professional web designers to create us a raft of stunning website design templates that you can use as the base of your site. All you need to do is choose the one you like and easily drop in your text, images, videos and other content to create your website

Customise to make your site unique

We make it fun to customise your website template so that it looks unique to you or your business. You can easily adjust almost all elements of your template such colour schemes, fonts, menu styles and content layout to get a great, individual look

Mobile responsive templates

Your template will be mobile responsive, which means it will automatically adjust to perform brilliantly and look stunning on a PC, mobile or tablet

Change your template when you want to

If you get bored with the way your website looks, you can easily change your website template to a different one to freshen things up

Content always looks good

Our templates are created with special content blocks which means you can be sure any content you add will look great and adhere to web standards

A template for any occasion

Whether you are a photographer wishing to show off your portfolio, a business selling products, or a kids club putting on events, you can be sure you will find a template to suit your needs

A font to suit you

All templates come with Google font, which means you can choose the style of the text on your website to suit your brand. There are over 600 different fonts to choose from.

Look great on all devices

With over 60% of internet users accessing the web through their phones these days, it is more important than ever that your website be mobile compatible.

With Mr Site, you can rest assured that your website will be mobile and tablet compatible and responsive, which means it will automatically resize to perform brilliantly and look fantastic on PCs, mobiles and tablets. In addition, any changes you make to your website will be updated on your mobile, tablet and PC version.

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Start selling online in just a few clicks

Shop owners: if you haven’t already got an online store, we know you’ve been thinking about it. We created our eCommerce package for people like you – shop owners stretched for time, with no idea where to start.

Start building a website now

Create Products

Effortlessly create products and publish them to your website instantly.

Stock control

Be easily updated on how much shop stock you have, and how much is being sold - all from one place.

Images that pop

Add multiple, zoomable product images.

Lots of product options

Allow customers to choose lots of different options for their products e.g. sizes, colours etc.

Orders overview

Easily view and manage all of your orders placed on your store.

Multiple Shipping methods

Setup shipping methods by price, weight and ranges.

Ship to the world

Ship your products all around the world or to only a handful of countries.

Add categories

Create categories to assign your products to, making shopping for your customers a painless process.


The joys of blogging

Blogging is a fantastic way to tell your story and keep visitors to your website coming back for more

Add updates by date

Update your blog as often as you want. Each entry will be time stamped and dated, so your blog readers can keep up to date with every move you want them to know about

Add images

You can add images to your blog posts to draw readers in, and set the scene to your words

Attractive blog layout

Our special blog grid means your posts will be laid out attractively on your site in the most easily digestible format


Readers of your blog can add comments, keeping it lively and fresh. Approve or deny comments as you wish

Get ahead of your competitors with SEO

Simply put, it’s a way of helping your site appear more prominently on search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo!

With Mr Site’s help, your site can shoot up the rankings for your most important search terms. Drive more visitors to your site, understand how people are finding your site, and discover which keywords are most important to your business.

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Get your website noticed with MrSite's SEO tools

Mobile search engines

The latest Google update means that if your website is not mobile compatible, anyone searching for it on a mobile will not be able to find it. Your website with Mr Site is fully mobile compatible, meaning you can be sure you will appear on Google’s mobile search results

Meta tags

Meta tags are little pieces of descriptive text that you can add to your site to help Google understand what your website is all about. They cannot be seen by your site visitors, but they are the first thing Google sees and are essential to help boost your position you in search engines. Add them easily to your website to help you appear higher in Google

Help Google understand your site

Help both Google and potential customers find your website with our Sitemap creator


Integrate your website with Google Analytics to learn how you are performing online

Hosting, from the server that has had 99.9% uptime so far in 2017

We’ve hosted our customers’ sites on a secure server since day one, and we’re getting better at it all the time. In 2013, we had less than 106 minutes of downtime over the whole year – that means you can count on there being no unnecessary interruptions to your business when you host your site with Mr Site.

And if you ever need help or advice, you can count on Mr Site’s dedicated support team – you can reach them via phone, a support ticket or through online live chat.

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Let MrSite take care of the hosting

Choose from hundreds of domain extensions

Want something a bit particular for your domain name? We offer hundreds of domain extensions to choose from, and we’re always adding more.


All your emails in one place

Easily create, edit and manage all of your emails from just one place – giving you complete control.

Create multiple email addresses

Give big businesses a run for their money by tailoring email addresses to your campaigns, products or services.