Create an Online Store with Mr Site

Build an eCommerce site today with just a few clicks – you could be selling online in minutes

Need to create an eCommerce site for your shop?

It’s simple: if you’re in the business of selling, you need to build an online store.

Maybe you’re put off because you don’t understand how to build an eCommerce website. Maybe you don’t have the time to run a shop and design a website. Perhaps you’ve struggled in the past with website builders that can’t offer you the features you need.

But, with Mr Site, you can create an eCommerce site in minutes with just a few clicks using our easy to use drag and drop website builder. So there’s no need to hire a web professional and no need to fiddle with code – you can manage everything with a simple click, click, click!

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How does it work?

Building an eCommerce website is simple with Mr Site – you can do it in just three steps:

Choose one of Mr Site’s gorgeous eCommerce site design templates

Use our super easy eCommerce website builder to add your products to your shop

Include some of our online store essentials – wishlists, search tools and a checkout feature

What do I get?

With Mr Site’s online store builder, you’ll have all of these features at your fingertips:


Add multiple, zoomable images by just dragging and dropping them onto the page

Social media

Invite your customers to share their favourite products on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and through email, and add a Twitter stream to your site


Let your customers build a list of the things they want, so they know what to save up for and buy next time they visit your shop

Multiple product options

Customers can customise their products before adding them to the basket, e.g. they can change the colour, size, quantity and more


Help your customers navigate your site by adding an internal search bar, and tagging items with keywords

Secure payment technology

Choose your preferred payment gateway from PayPal, WorldPay, Nochex and cash on delivery

Guest Checkout

Cut down your conversion time and guide customers to an easier transaction by adding a guest checkout that doesn’t require logging in

Customer Reports

Understand who is using your online store, what they like and what they have in common with other shoppers. Our reporting service helps you visualise your consumers – making it easier for you to appeal to them and other customers.

Sign up and sign in

Encourage your customers to keep coming back by offering them a personal account with your shop needs more explanation. This lets your customers keep track of their orders, create wishlists and race through the checkout, meaning a much easier shopping experience.

Tailor your promotions

With the knowledge you’ve gained about your customers, you’ll be able to design unique promotions just for them. Create a discount or promotion, and then target it to a particular group of shoppers.

Start building a website now View all of our ecommerce features

As well as these great eCommerce tools, you’ll also have access to all of Mr Site’s website builder essentials, giving you even more features

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What do my customers see?

Images that pop

Add multiple, zoomable product images.


Customers can share the content they love on email, twitter or Facebook.


Customers can add products to wishlists - so even if they can't afford that gorgeous purchase now, they know what they want to save up for!

Lots of product options

Allow customers to choose lots of different options for their products e.g. sizes, colours etc.

Easy search

Help customers find the products they want by tagging items with keywords and sorting them into categories.

Have any questions?

How long are your contracts?

You have the option to pay per month, every half a year or every year, across all of our packages. You're also free to change your subscription at any time.

Is it easy to upgrade or downgrade my package?

Absolutely! We understand that it’s important to be 100% satisfied with your package and its features, which is why you can upgrade or downgrade your website at any time by calling our Support team.

Do I need web hosting in addition to my Mr Site account?

All of our packages come with free hosting and a free domain name (website address), so there’s no extra charge or fuss.

Are there any hidden costs with Mr Site?

Absolutely not! Your Mr Site package is an all-in-one solution, which includes a domain name, hosting, email, an online shop, unlimited access to our website creation tools and support via our free Live Chat service, phone and email.