Why should I submit my website to internet directories?

So you've submitted your website(s) to the search engines, like Google and Yahoo, providers, now what? Should you just wait? The answer is... no! There are still other things you can do to get your website ranking up.

Start by building 'inbound links' to your website and the best way to do this is submitting yourself to the many web directories that exist online. Some are free and some you have to pay for - some are more important than others. These are not links that visitors will use to visit your website but you may get a few hits from them. The point of doing this, is that these directory websites have what is known as a 'high weighting', which means that a link from them is more valuable than a link form a lesser known web site. Getting these high value links is important for the search engines and the more high quality links you can get the, better your ranking will be.

www.dmoz.org is the first place you should be heading to submit your website. DMOZ is used by the likes of AOL and Alexa (the internet information company) and is free to join. When you submit your website to the DMOZ, ensure you dig down the lowest possible category that applies to your site or it will be rejected.

dir.yahoo.com is a paid directory and at $299 for a year is not cheap. But this is a human edit directory, which results in these inbound links being very high quality.

www.wwwi.co.uk is free to list on, but there may be a long wait time. While this is not the prettiest site, remember it is about web crawlers and not people and they also offer a fast track approval if you link back to them.

Below are some more directories to get you started - to find additional directories do a quick Google search and try to get listed on as many as you can from the first three pages:










If you are a Takeaway Website Pro customer you can also add your website to the Mr Site Directory by logging into your account and click 'Extras' from the Main Options, followed by 'SiteBoost Tools', then 'Mr Site Directory'.

You will need to find the category your website fits in and then submit your website. It takes between 24 and 96 hours to be added to the Mr Site Directory.

Google Local Business Listings will also make you more visible to local buyers and the results are listed above the organic (regular) search results, which has obvious benefits. A guide for dong this can be found here.

You can try two-way linking, too. This is when two websites link to each other, otherwise known as 'link exchange' and is useful when your website is new and unknown. However, after you have built enough one way links to your website you can phase out two way links as they are less valuable.