Why renewing is better than buying new

When other website providers offer special discounted promotions, you may feel tempted to purchase a new package rather than renew the one you have with MrSite. However, before you do so, please be aware of the following:

•   You will be unable to transfer over any of your existing website content to your new site
•   You will need to build another site from scratch with your new package
•   You will lose any emails you have sent or received with your existing package

If you still decide to go ahead in purchasing a new package and would like to keep your original domain name, please send us an email at customerservices@mrsite.co.uk with the following information:

•   Your domain name
•   Your intention to purchase a new package
•   The answers to these two security questions: What is your postcode and What is the name of your first pet?

When we have confirmed these details, we will remove your account from our database. You will then be able to use your original domain name as soon as you activate your new package.

Remember – if you buy a new package instead of renewing, you will lose all your content and have to re-build your website from scratch.