What is FTP and how do I use it?

FTP is the most efficent method for transfering multiple or large files from your computer to a website. It requires special software, which is called an FTP client - this handles the transfer of the files and makes the process very quick. Mr Site recommends a piece of software called Filezilla, which is a fast, reliable and secure FTP client that allows you to transfer files to websites from Windows, Mac and Linux based computers.

Click here to download Filezilla for free.

After you have downloaded and installed Filezilla, you will need to start the application and configure it for use with your Takeaway Website account.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a 'Passive Transfer' setting in your FTP software, make sure it is set to 'disabled'. To do this, take the following steps:

 - Open Filezilla

 - Click 'Edit' then 'Settings...'

 - Under 'Connection' click 'FTP'

 - Change the transfer mode to 'Active' and click 'OK'

Now, you need to tell Filezilla about our server and fill the following information into the 'Quick Connect' bar displayed along the top of the Filezilla window:

FTP SERVER: www.yourdomain.com   (replace 'yourdomain.com' with your website name

USER NAME: yourdomain.com (replace 'yourdomain.com' with your website name )

PASSWORD: your original Takeaway Website activation code in UPPER case

PORT: 21

Click the 'Quickconnect' button to login to our server and see the files and folders that make up your website. The Filezilla screen is divided into two sections - the local site (left side) shows all the files on your computer and has a file browser so you can locate them. The remote site (right side) shows all the files and folders for your website - the folder we are interested in is named 'userimages'.

To transfer files, you will need to:

1. Double click 'wwwroot' folder

2. Double click the 'userimages' folder

Now you can drag and drop your files from either the remote site (left pane) or from your computer to upload them to your webspace.

This is also a great method for transferring videos to Takeaway Website or if you want to use your own web pages. Click here for further instructions about how to use your own designs.

Please note: Mr Site is not liable for the content of any external learning resources, nor does it accept resposibility for issues that may arise should you choose to add additional HTML code to your Takeaway Website account.