What are META tags?

When a person uses Google, or other search engines, to find a website they will type specific words (keywords) into the search box.

For example, if a person is searching for a plumber in Hammersmith, London, they will  type  in  the  keywords  'Plumber'  and  'Hammersmith'. This means  that  using  specific  keywords  in  your  website  text could  greatly  boost  it's position on search engines, like Google.

Meta tags are pieces of text hidden in the code behind your website - invisible  to  anyone  visiting  it  and  normally  found  at the  top of your web page. Adding keywords  to your meta  tags can help boost your website on Google. To add meta tags to your Takeaway Website, go to 'Extras' from the Main Options, followed by 'Admin', then 'Add/edit meta tags'.

Enter one keyword into each box - you can pick a maximum of ten keywords (anything over  ten  is  ignored  by many  search  engines),  so  be  sure  they effectively sum up your website. Click on ‘Next’ and Mr Site will then add these keyword-loaded meta tags into your website.