Verify your site using Takeaway Website Pro

Before you can submit your site map to Google, Google will need to verify that you are the owner of your website. In addition, verifying with  Google gives you instant access to Google’s verification tools, which should allow you to analyse and hence boost your website even further.

If your have Takeaway Website Pro, SiteBoost’s built-in verification tool can make this normally complicated process simple, quick and easy. Just go to 'Extras' from the Main Options, followed by 'SiteBoost', then 'Search Engines' and finally 'Verify with Google'. Follow Mr Site’s onscreen instructions on how to fill in the forms.

Google will ask you to add a file to your website which will be used by Google to verify you when you want to add your site map or check out your website statistics.

If you are a Standard or Beginner customer, you will not have SiteBoost tools so please click here for instructions on how to do this yourself.