Upload a Flash movie in 'Change content'

To insert a Flash movie, click this button in 'Change Content'

This box will appear:

Before you can insert your movie, you will need to upload it to your Mr Site web space.To do this, follow the instructions for 'Upload', found below. Your Flash file must be a .SWF file.

You can also change the settings of your Flash movie here:

Width & height: Here you can specify the width and height of your Flash movie. You can get this information from the creator of the Flash movie or from your Adobe Flash application.

Background colour: This is the colour of the background behind your Flash movie. This colour will show through any transparent parts of your Flash movie.

Quality: Set this to ‘High’. Only set to ‘Low’ or ‘Medium’ if you think visitors to your website will have very slow computers.

Scale: Mr Site recommends leaving this set to ‘Default’or ‘Exact fit’ as this tells the Flash movie to resize itself automatically if the visitor’s computer screen is too small to fit the full movie. Selecting ‘No border', however will set the movie to a fixed size no matter what the size of the
visitor’s computer screen.

Url: This tells Mr Site where your Flash movie is located on the Internet. Do not edit the information inside this box.

Loop: Tick this box to make your movie loop or repeat. If you only want your movie to play once, untick this box.

Autoplay: Tick this box if you want your movie to begin playing as soon as someone arrives at your web page. Assuming that you do, always leave this box ticked.

If your movie has a fixed background colour, tick this box to make it transparent. This will only work if you use the same background colour in your movie as the one you have specified in the ‘Background colour’ box.

Upload: Send a new Flash movie to your web space here. Click the ‘Browse’ button, find the movie on your computer and then click ‘Open’.

PLEASE NOTE: You cannot upload files with unusual characters or with spaces in their name. You will need to rename such files with no spaces and with the unusual characters removed from them in order to send them to Mr Site.

Be prepared to wait while the movie is sent to your Mr Site web space. Once it has been sent, you will find the movie in the list on the top left corner of the ‘Insert Flash’ box.

Insert: To insert a Flash movie into your website make sure that you have uploaded it to your Mr Site web space first. When you have done this it will appear in the top left hand side of this ‘Insert flash’ box. Click on it, then click the ‘Insert’ button to add it into your website.