Upload HTML pages and pictures via FTP with Takeaway Website

If you are already familar with website design, you may wish to start uploading your own HTML pages and pictures.

With Takeaway Website it's possible to use any popular FTP programme to do this. To begin uploading your files, please use the following settings:

  •     The FTP server will be www.yourwebsitename.com (replace 'yourwebsite name.com' with the website name that you have chosen)
  •      The FTP user name will be your website name (e.g. 'yourwebsitename.com' but do not include the www. part)
  •     The FTP password will be your original Mr Site activation code in UPPER case
  •     The Port Number is set to default - you should leave this

Please note: If you have a 'passive transfer' setting in your FTP software make sure it is set to 'disabled'. When FTPing, you must save your files in the WWWROOT folder that you will see when you first log in to your FTP account. You must also ensure that your home page file is called INDEX.HTM (overwrite the existing file if there is one).

For FTPing we recommend Filezilla which is available for download from http://filezilla-project.org/. To design your web pages we recommend Adobe Dreamweaver®. A trial version is available from http://www.adobe.com/products/dreamweaver/