Upgrade your Takeaway Website package

These instructions are for all customers who bought a package after 07/07/2012 or who've got the new dashboard - if that's not you, click here for more info on how to upgrade your website. 

Can I upgrade my website if I decide I want a different package? 
Absolutely - you can do this at any time. If you're not sure which package is right for you, feel free to give us a call on 0844 414 5158. 

How do I upgrade my package?

If you are a Takeaway Website Beginner or Standard customer, you will be able to upgrade your package using the ‘My account’ button.

Log in to your Takeaway Website account at www.mrsite.co.uk/create and click on the ‘My account’ button located at the top of the Main Options page. Next, click on the ‘Manage my account’ tab, followed by ‘Manage my package’.

The packages that are available to you will be indicated by a yellow box with the cost of the upgrade and an ‘Upgrade now’ button.

Once you have a selected a package to upgrade to, you’ll be taken though to the payment page – enter your details as necessary and click the ‘Click here to pay now’ button or the ‘Checkout with PayPal’ button to pay via your PayPal account. When the payment is complete, you will be directed to your receipt. You can print this using the ‘Print receipt’ button, but Mr Site will also store it for you to view at any time – just click in the ‘My payments’ tab (click here for more information about ‘My payments’).

Please note: You will need to log out of your account for the upgrade to take effect.

Upgrading to Storefront

If you've decided you want a more advanced online shop and want to move to a Storefront website, then it's easy to do so. If you log into your account and go to 'Manage my package', then on the right you will see an image inviting you to take a trial of Storefront. Click on this button and then if you go to 'Price Plans and Trial' then you can either buy Storefront or take a free trial to see if it's right for you.