Shop layout - Displaying links to sub-pages

If you have a shop with a few different pages, you can create a main page which displays your different products and shopping categories to your customers.

We recommend that you make this a basic webpage that uses ‘Change content’ , rather than creating it with the ‘Add/Edit a shop’ feature – this will make it easier to display linkable thumbnail images of your products that will take customers through to the relevant pages.

Create this page:
•   Select your main shop page – if you need to,  you can add a new webpage to your site with the ‘Add a new
webpage'  button on the ‘Main options’ page.  
•   Go to ‘Change content’ in the Main Options page.
•   Make sure you are in ‘Creative’ mode
•   Click on the ‘Insert image’ icon and select the relevant thumbnail image from your Mr Site webspace – if you   
need to add the image to the webspace and need instructions, click here
•   When the image has been uploaded, select it and click on the ‘Insert hyperlink’ button
•   A page will appear – select ‘Browse’ on the right-hand side
•   Scroll down, select the page number you wish to link to and click ‘OK’
•   Click ‘Ok’ again, followed by ‘Save and finish’ if you are happy with how the page looks.
•   Remember to publish in Main Options