Settings up shipping and delivery in your shop

Click on ‘Edit my shop’ in the main menu, then ‘Shop settings’ underneath it. You will see the ‘Shipping’ tab at the top of the page. Click on it. You will see four options available in a drop-down menu.


In ‘Shipping methods’ you can add different different ways for your customers to choose to receive your products, for example First Class or Special Delivery. (Please note, we’ve created default options for MrSite Starter and Classic customers; the names cannot be changed, but you can edit the descriptions and order of display).

Click on ‘Edit’ and then fill in these options:

  • Name: This is the name of the shipping method e.g. ‘first class’.
  • Description: Provide your customers with more information about this delivery method, for example ‘First class – normally arrives within 3 days’.
  • Display order: Enter a number to reflect the order in which the shipping method should appear in your payment page at checkout.

    When you’ve entered all the information, click ‘Save shipping method’. You can also delete a shipping method here. Click on ‘Back to shipping methods’.

    If you’re a Pro customer, you can also click ‘Add new shipping method’ to create new ones. Fill in the details as above, click ‘Save details’ and you’ll now see your new shipping method appear in the list on the page. If you ever want to edit it, click ‘Edit’.

    Restrict shipping method by country

    Here you will see a list of all the countries that you have selected to sell to (you can create this list by selecting countries in the ‘Countries’ tab above).

    You can stop certain shipping methods from being available to customers in particular countries by ticking on the boxes of your choice.

    When you’re happy, click ‘Save shipping methods’.