Offering shipping by order weight

This option is only available to Pro or Seller users.

Click on ‘Edit’ next to ‘Shipping order by weight’. Next, look at the ‘Add a shipping by order weight cost’ section. Here you can set your shipping costs according to the weight of the customer’s order.

  • Select shipping method: From the drop-down list, select the shipping method you would like to apply this cost to.
  • Order weight from: Specify the weight range which orders must fall into to be eligible for this shipping cost to be applied. This field is for the minimum weight – for example, 1 kgs. 
  • Order weight to: Enter the maximum the weight range which orders must fall into for this shipping cost to be charged. So, if you enter 10kg here, then all orders weighing between 1 kg and 10kg would be charged at the shipping cost you enter below. 
  • Use percentage: If you’d like the shipping cost to be based on a percentage of the total order cost, tick this box.
  • Charge percentage: If you would like the shipping charge to be based on a percentage of the order total, enter the percentage here. For example, if the order costs £10 and you enter ‘10’, then if the customer’s order weighs between 1kg and 10kg will be charged £1. 
  • Charge amount per kg(s): If you would like the customer to be charged a certain amount per kg that their order weighs, then enter the amount you’d like to charge here.

    Click on ‘Add new cost’ and it will appear in your ‘Shipping by order weight costs’ list.

    Now scroll down to complete the ‘Shipping by order weight settings’ section.
  • Published: Tick here to set this shipping cost live on your site.
  • Display order: Enter a number here to reflect how high you want this cost option to appear on your checkout page.
Once you're happy, click 'Save'.