Offering free shipping in your shop

With this option, you can offer customers free shipping for some or all of your shipping methods – for example, all orders which are picked up in store would not be charged for shipping.

Click on ‘Edit my shop’ in the main menu, then ‘Shop settings’ underneath it. Next, click on the ‘Shipping’ tab and select ‘Shipping costs’ from the drop-down menu. 

Click ‘Edit’ next to ‘Free Shipping’ and then in the ‘Add a free shipping cost’ section, select which shipping methods will not require the customer to pay a shipping charge and click on ‘Add new cost’. It will appear in your ‘Free shipping costs’ list.

Next, scroll down to complete the ‘Free shipping settings’ section:

  • Published: Tick here to set this shipping cost live on your site.
  • Display order: Enter a number here to reflect how high you want this cost option to appear on your checkout page.
When you’re done, click ‘Save shipping cost’

Click on ‘Back to shipping costs’.