Offering fixed rate shipping in your shop

Fixed rate shipping 

Fixed rate shipping means that your customers are charged a flat fee when they select to have their products delivered via a particular shipping method – for example, whatever the total cost of their order, to have it delivered via Special Delivery they will be charged £4.99. 

You can add 'fixed rate shipping' by going to 'Edit my shop', then selecting 'Shop settings' and 'Shipping. Go to the 'Shipping costs' tab and there you'll see 'Fixed rate shipping' available as an option. 

Click 'Edit’ next to it. Here, you will see the following:

  • Select method: Select from the drop-down list the first shipping method you want to add a cost to. Specify the cost for it below. You can add a cost to as many shipping methods as you like by repeating these steps – just remember to click ‘Add new cost’ each time and they will appear in your ‘Fixed rate shipping costs’ list.
Now scroll down to complete the ‘Fixed rate shipping costs settings’ section.

  • Display order: This represents the order in which your shipping methods with a fixed charge will appear in your checkout page.
  • Publish: Tick here to make this cost live on your site.
When you’re happy, click ‘Save shipping cost’ and click on ‘Back to shipping costs’.