Mr Site's SEO services

Takeaway Website Pro includes a unique SEO tool called SiteBoost that could help boost your website’s position on search engines.

SiteBoost analyses your website’s pages/content and advises on changes that could ‘optimise’ it’s chance of appearing high up in search engine listings. The higher up the search engines you are, the more people will be able to find your website. You could get a lot more visitors and more visitors could mean more customers and more sales.

Web marketing companies typically charge hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds to undertake this search engine optimisation (SEO) process but with Takeaway Website Pro, you can now do it yourself. So how do you start? It’s all very easy really. All you have to do is spend around 30 minutes filling in Mr Site’s easy step-by-step forms and make the changes that SiteBoost advises after it has analysed your pages.

Please note: Optimising your website takes time and results will not be immediate. It takes Google around six to eight weeks to register any changes made to a website, so expect it to take at least this amount of time for your search engine rankings to be affected. SiteBoost cannot guarantee you first page positions on Google, however it may help boost your website significantly.

If you have Pro already, you can get started by clicking on 'Extras' in Main Options, follwed by 'SiteBoost tools'.