Link an image or text to another web page

If you would like to link any of the images or text on your website to another web page (either on your website or on someone elses), you will need to click on 'Change Content' from the Main Options. Select the relevant page and make sure you are in 'Creative' mode, then simply click on the image or highlight the text in question.

Click on the ‘Insert Hyperlink’ button - this can be found in the third row of icons and looks like three chain links. Next, either type the address of the web page you are linking to in the popup box that appears (next to 'Url:') or you can also link to a page or image from your own website by clicking the 'Browse' button. You will be able to find your other web pages by scrolling to the bottom of the list that opens - any images, shop pages, forum pages and blog pages you want to link to are saved in the 'USERIMAGES' folder.