Link a domain name with another provider to your website

I own a domain name with another provider – can I link it to my Takeaway Website?

You may have one or more domain names registered with other providers that you would like to link (or ‘point’) to your Takeaway Website – the technical name for this is ‘domain alias’, which is when more than one domain name leads to the same website.

You will need to log in your Takeaway Website account at and click on the ‘My account’ button located at the top of the Main Options page, followed by the ‘Manage my account’ tab. Then click on the 'Manage my domains' button.

If you do not want to move your domain to Mr Site and would like to keep it registered with your current registrar, you can ‘point’ it to your Takeaway Website by clicking the ‘Add domain alias’ button found below the ‘Domain manager’ box. Enter the domain name in the box, select the relevant domain extension and click the ‘Add alias now’ button. The domain name will now appear in your 'Manage my domains' page.

You must then contact your current provider and ask them to adjust the ‘DNS settings’ for your domain name – you can find the relevant settings by clicking on ‘Extras’ from the Main Options, followed by ‘Admin’, then ‘Edit name servers’. Here, you will see the two settings that will look similar to:

It is these two settings that you must give to your current provider – it is vital you do this to ensure it is correctly pointing to your Takeaway Website.

You can also transfer your domain name hosting from your current registrar to Mr Site, click here for further instructions.