I own another domain name which I want to use

Swapping your domain name for another you ownalready


If you wouldlike to to swap your domain name for another that you already own with adifferent provider, we can help you.

Simply email customerservices@mrsite.co.uk andprovide them with your current domain name and the name you want to change to. We advise that you move your domain name tous so the cost can be included in your MrSite package.This means that you won’t have to pay your current registrar on top of MrSite andyour website anddomain will be in one place for you to manage easily. If you want to do this,you will also need to provide the Customer Services team with the followinginformation:


If your name is a .com, .net,.org,  .biz  .info, or .co.in:


Ask your current registrar to unlock your domainname and give you anauthorisation code - also known as an EPP key. Then just email customerservices@mrsite.co.uk andtell us your domain name and this authorisation code.


If your name is a .co.uk,.org.uk, or me.uk:


Ask your current registrar to change the IPStag to: MRSITE. Once this has been done, please email customerservices@mrsite.co.uk, telling us your domain name andinforming us that you have changed the IPS tag.


If your name is a .com.au or a .net.au:


Ask your current registrar for a domainname transfer password and email customerservices@mrsite.co.uk telling us your domainname and thetransfer password.


If your name isa .co.za:

Ask your current registrar to transfer your domainname to MrSite. Next,email customerservices@mrsite.co.uk telling us your domain name,stating that you want to move your domain name tous. We will then contact your registrar and you will receive an email from them asking you to confirm thetransfer.


For all these cases, once we have the relevantinformation we can process the name transfer for you. And don’t worry… yourregistrar will know what you are talking about! You can check your domain name status by visiting the Who Is website.


If you would prefer to stay with your currentregistrar but 'point' your domain name toyour website, this is also possible. Simply contact your name company and askthem to change the DNS settingsfor your domain name. Your DNS settings can be found by clicking on 'Extras' from the Main Options page,then 'Admin', followed by 'Edit name servers.' You will need toprovide your registrar with the codes following NameServer#1 and NameServer#2.


If you're just thinking about buying a second domainname, please remember that you don't have to purchase it through anotherprovider. You can do this through your MrSite account by visiting the 'MrSite's Shop' tab.