I have not renewed my Takeaway Website. When will it be taken offline?

When your Mr Site account is not renewed, your website and email will be taken offline.

However, we do not delete your website instantly and you have two months after expiration to renew should your website back. After this time, your account will be removed from our system.

If you want to keep just your domain name Mr Site can offer you a Dot Com in a Matchbox account, which allows you to reserve your domain name (one year for £9.99) until you're ready to use it again - simply contact the Customer Services on customerservices@mrsite.co.uk

If you want to keep just your domain name, but move it to a different host; ideally you should transfer it away from Mr Site before your account expires. If your Mr Site account does expire, you have 30 days to renew or move your domain name away from Mr Site and this will cost you £15.

Please note: If your domain name is a .com / .info / .biz / .org / .net your domain name will go into 'redemption' after 30 days of your Mr Site account expiring. Once your domain name is in the redemption period it will cost £160 to get the domain name back (plus your Mr Site renewal or transfer fee depending on what you want to do).

If you do not transfer or renew your account after 60 days your domain name would be deleted from the internet allowing other people to register it.