I've deleted images but my used web space hasn't changed

‘Web space’ refers to the amount of storage space you have available for website content such as text, images and videos, and email. If you’re running low on space, you should look to delete some emails, permanently delete files such as images and videos from your account or purchase additional web space. To permanently delete files that are impacting on your web space, follow the instructions below relevant to your package.


If you’re using a Takeaway Website, click 'Extras' from the Main Options page, and then select 'Admin.' Finally, click 'Delete Files.' You will then have the opportunity to permanently remove your files. If you are unsure what the file is, simply click on its title to view it.

If you’re using a Starter, Classic, Pro or Seller website, you can delete files by clicking 'Edit my website.’ Select 'Web pages' followed by 'Build it' next to any web page which has a 'Content' widget. Open the widget and click the 'Add image' button, followed by the small red 'File' image. This will take you to your File Manager, where you can remove any saved images by clicking the corresponding 'delete' button.