Google AdWords and Storefront

When you purchase Storefront, you receive a certain amountof Google AdWords vouchers. These vouchers are only eligible for new Google AdWords customers. You canuse Google AdWords to advertise to new customers, as they are searching online for exactly the products you offer!

Google AdWords adverts appear at the top and side of‘organic’ search listings – that is, the ones that Google generates automatically in response to someone searching for a particular phrase or keyword. Paid adverts are adverts that companies pay to appear when someone searches for a keyword or phrase.

 Different companies bid for their adverts to appear as high as possible when someone searches for a relevant keyword; the higher the bid,the more likely the advert is to appear on the first or second pages of the search listings.

 While commonly searched for words can be expensive, our tip is to go for words that are perhaps searched for less commonly, making them cheaper, but which are very relevant to your business. For example, if you sellhand-made shoes from Italy, don’t aim for ‘men’s shoes’ as a keyword, as this will be extremely competitive; aim for ‘hand-made Italian loafers’.

 Learning to use Google AdWords can be a bit of a learningcurve, but if you spend time on adjusting your keywords and your bids then you’ll soon get the hang of it.

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 NB/ Please be aware of the voucher terms and conditions – if you don’t want to carry on using AdWords after you have used up the cost of your free voucher, make sure you turn off your ad campaigns asGoogle will charge you for adverts shown once the cost of the voucher is redeemed.