Adding an online shop

To create a shop, you must first create a PayPal account for free at When you have done this, click on 'Extras' from the Main Options, then 'Add Features', followed by 'Add/edit a shop' and enter the email address that you signed up to PayPal with in the ‘Your PayPal email address’ box.

Next, select how many products you would like to add to your shop and select the page you would like it to appear on. Click on ‘Next’. If you are editing existing items, just select ‘0’ under ‘How many products would you like to ADD to your shop?’.

You will be presented with a page that has four tabs across the top:

Edit items
Item Arrangement

Edit items:
To add or update a specific product , click the ‘Edit item’ button next to it. Within this, there are three more tabs – the first is ‘Product Options’. Here, simply enter the product name, price and description. Above the description box you will find a selection of buttons similar to those found in a word processor. Type your description, then use these buttons to change colour and styles, create tables, add links etc. to it. We have put an Appendix on pages 114-157 of this manual that explains all these buttons clearly and simply.

‘Edit items’ also allows you remove the 'buy now'option for items that are temporarily out of stock, move descriptions up or down your shopping pages and delete them altogether – just click the relevant button above the description text box. If you are an advanced user and want to see and edit your shopping page’s HTML, you will need to click the ‘HTML’ icon here.

The second tab is ‘Advanced Item Options’. Here you have a number of options:

Product details – simply tick the box if you would like customers to be able to buy more than one of your product

Does this item have different options? – set individual prices for variations of your product, such as size. Enter an option in the first column, followed by a price in the second.

Colour options – does your product come in more than more colour? Just tick the box.

TAKEAWAY WEBSITE PRO ONLY: Product stock level – let you customers see how many of each product you have in stock. Please note, you must have the ‘Express Checkout’ enabled for this feature to work, please see articles about Takeaway Website Pro shopping pages for more details.

Product postage in GBP – here you can set an additional postage cost for multiple items

TAKEAWAY WEBSITE PRO ONLY: Product weight – specify a weight for your product, which will allow you more flexible postage charges in the 'Express Postage Options'. Please note, you must have the ‘Express Checkout’ enabled for this feature to work, please see articles about Takeaway Website Pro shopping pages for more details.

Digital download - If your item is a digital download, please select the relevant file by clicking on the browse button. A digital download is a computer file that will be emailed automatically to the purchaser once they have successfully paid for the item via PayPal. Please be aware that these files will be attached to an email so be sure they are not too big.

PLEASE NOTE: Another way to add postage and packing to your items is to log in to your PayPal account, click the ‘my account’ tab, then click the ‘Profile’ sub tab. Next click on ‘Postage calculations’.

The final tab in ‘Edit items’ is ‘Images’. To display an image of your shop product, click the ‘Browse’ button. A pop up window will appear with all the files on your computer in it. Select the picture you want from your computer files, click on it once and hit the ‘Open’ button. You will now see that the name of your picture file appears next to the word ‘Currently’ – if you want to preview your image at any time, just click the file name here. You can also delete the picture by clicking on the dustbin icon. If you want to protect your picture, you can also add a watermark to it, but ticking the box.

There are two types of shop layouts to choose from and you can select which one you prefer by simply clicking on either image. Then click ‘Save shop and continue’.

Item arrangement:

If you want the most recently added items to appear first on your online shop page, tick the box provided. Then click ‘Save shop and continue’.

If you have Takeaway Website Pro you will be able to use an even more advanced online shop, PayPal’s Express Checkout and Website Payment Pro. It has additional features such as stock control, order tracking, international shipping charges and a refund tool. please see articles about Takeaway Website Pro shopping pages for more details.

Follow the steps above for each product you add to your shop then take a look at your shop in all its glory by clicking on 'Publish your site' from the 'Main Options'.

When your customers are shopping, they can click on any product picture on your website and a larger one will always pop up; allowing them to have a closer look at it. To buy a product, customers simply click on the ‘Add to basket’ button which will take them to their shopping cart page and to pay they click on ‘Proceed to checkout’, which will take them to a secure PayPal Payment Page where they can safely and securely pay by credit card or by PayPal.

Remember, to add or remove items from your shop, simply go back to the 'Add features' page and click on 'Add/edit a shop' again. If you wish to add more items, select the amount from the ‘How many items would you like to add to your shop’ drop-down menu. If you do not wish to add any more items, leave the figure at zero. Again, select the shop page you wish to edit and click on ‘Save shop and continue’. To remove items from the shop simply click on the item you wish to delete and hit the ‘Delete item’ button.

You can have as many shop pages as you wish – just follow the instructions. You can change the title of your shop page by going into 'Main options' and clicking on 'Change content'.

You CANNOT change the prices in your shop in 'Change content'. You must ALWAYs use the 'Add/edit a shop' option to update prices, otherwise changes to your shop will not apply. Please bear in mind that if you add extra text to your shop page in 'Change content', this text will disappear if at a later date you add to or delete items from your shop. You will need to add this text again when updating your shop.

PLEASE NOTE: Every time you update your shop, always test it right up to the ‘Pay now’ point to make sure it is correctly set up.